Mustards Grill created this charity fundraising program in 1995.  Each year we seek out wineries to create ‘single’ barrels of wine to be sold exclusively at Mustards Grill.  By making only a single barrel of wine, which is approximately 20 cases, we allow the winemaker the opportunity to take risks and experiment in ways that might be impractical on a larger scale.  Therefore, these wines usually represent a distinct departure from the winery’s normal repertoire.  Sometimes the winemaker will select a new varietal, sometimes a specific lot from a favorite vineyard source, and sometimes an experimental vinification technique.  And sometimes, if it feels right, all of the above!

Once each wine is completed, we commission an artist to portray the story of that wine using his or her chosen medium. In fact, the title of the artwork becomes the name of the wine.  The finished artwork is represented on the label of each wine and the original art is framed for display at Mustards Grill.

These photographs, paintings, and watercolors are offered by silent auction at this restaurant.  Each auction lot includes the original artwork and twelve bottles of the respective wine.  The bidding continues daily until the remaining 228 bottles have been consumed.  If you wish to list your bid on our auction blackboard, please ask your server for a bidding form.

A donation to Aldea Children and Family Services and Clinic Ole will be made for each auction lot sold.  Aldea Children and Family Services support community-based alternatives for vulnerable children needing mental health treatment and assists developmentally disabled adults to live independently in their own homes.  Clinic Ole provides affordable health care for low-income families in the Napa area.   We offer our sincere appreciation to each of the vintners, winemakers, and artists who contributed their time, energy, and considerable talents to this project.

Thank you,
Cindy Pawlcyn

See Our Wine List For Our Current Lot! 

Each lot includes the original artwork and the last case of the respective wine.
Bid sheets available from your server.

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