Pour-Off Pair-Off Dinner Series

Join Patrick, Michael and Cindy Fridays at Mustards Pour-Off Pair-Off Dinner Series, which offers diners the opportunity to pair renowned Mustards Grill cuisine with wines that are almost never offered by the taste or glass. 

When award-winning Chef Pawlcyn first fired up the grill at this wine country roadhouse in 1983, she was at the forefront of the farm-to-table revolution, and set a precedent for culinary innovation and excellence that continues to be an inspiration today. A place where Mac trucks are as welcome as Mini-Coopers, Mustards enchants and surprises all who visit with creative twists on America’s favorite comfort foods.

Due to its extensive viticultural offerings, Mustards has been called a “wine geek’s paradise” but is also accessible to casual sippers thanks to an extensive and varied list of wines by the glass. The comfortable dining room and lively atmosphere is the perfect backdrop to this snobbery-free wine country dining experience. Friday nights are sure to be the friendliest of the week!


Pair Off Pour Off Fridays all SEPTEMBER celebrate HARVEST.
It's our favorite time of year as the Napa vintners harvest their grapes to turn into that incredible Napa wine. While here at Mustards Grill we will be cooking to celebrate the harvest with a few of our wine regions of Europe; Italy, France, Greece and Spain. All known for their great wines and amazing food.

Check out the menus below...it's a busy time of year, pick a date and make your reservation now!

Harvest Celebrations
September 2, 2016


Papal Pomodoro Soup…$10.75
tomato, basil, bread
Vaughn Duffy Rose of Pinot Noir, Sonoma County 2015…$6/12

Orecchiette Trifolate…$26.95
wood ears, summer chanterelles, garlic, parsley
Brick and Mortar Pinot Noir, Napa Valley 2013…$10/20

Stinco di Vitello…$28.95
slow roasted veal shank, white wine, polenta, sage, rosemary
Vinalta Gemola, (70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc) Colli Eugenei 2009...$8/16

Gelato di Nicciole…$10.75
hazelnut ice cream, biscoti, chocolate sauce
Spumante alla Frutta…$12.00
sparkling wine with end of season raspberries

Harvest Celebrations
September 9, 2016

Moules a la Bordelaise…$16.95
Mussels, shallots, white wine, piment d’espilette, parsley
Domaine Jean Paul Picard Sauvignon Blanc, Loire 2013…$7/14

Lotte Au Vin Rouge de Saint Emilion…$26.95
Monkfish, Porcini mushrooms, bacon, onion, red wine sauce
Lassegue Grand Cru Saint Emilion 2009…$8/16
(Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon)

Carbunade de Mouton…$32.95
Braised Lamb Shank, fall vegetables, Flageolet beans
Domaine Saint-Damien Gigondas 2012…$8/16

Glace avec Macarons de Saint Emilion…$10.75
Vanilla ice cream, almond macarons, bittersweet chocolate sauce
Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge…$8/16

Harvest Celebrations
September 16, 2016

Hitipiti & Piperies…$12.75
Roasted garlic feta, fried Lipstick peppers, grilled Levan
Azur Sauvignon Blanc, Rutherford- Napa Valley 2014…$6/12

Fetes Psarjou Domata Ke Statides…$32.95
Grilled Swordfish Steak with tomato, currants & roasted potatoes
Rocking K Vineyard, Los Carneros 2010 …$10/20

Moussaka Nistisimos Skordallia…$54.95
Grilled Wagyu Filet Mignon, eggplant Moussaka, garlic sauce
Plump Jack Syrah, Napa Valley 2013…$10/20

Karydopita Nistisimi…$10.75
Walnut Cake, apricot syrup
Larkin Tinta Cao, Touriga, Tempranillo, California 2008...$6/12

Harvest Celebrations
September 30, 2016


Michael’s Salt Cod Fritters…$15.95
lemon aioli
Schulz Albarino, Dragone Vineyard,
Calaveras County 2014…$6/12

Grilled Yellowfin Tuna…$32.95
roasted red peppers
Robert Sinskey Rose of Pinot Noir,
Los Carneros 2015…$8/16

Grilled Leg of Lamb…$32.95
garden eggplant gratin
Flanagan Syrah, Bennett Valley 2013…$14/28

Chestnut and Chocolate Flan…$10.75
Warres “Otima” 10 year Tawney Port, Porto…$7/14